Food is an important part of our curriculum. We involve children in the preparation of a healthy mid-morning snack for the children.


At Laurel Play Gardens, we prepare school snacks and meals as natural as possible. We use organic whole grains, vegetables and fruits. Our meals are social events; we set the table with place mats and flowers, sing or say a blessing, and eat together. Your child's teacher will provide a snack menu, and will be available to discuss alternatives due to allergies.


The children bring a lunch with them from home. We ask that they bring nutritious food in a lunch basket or pack free of media images (and that can fit into the refrigerator as needed to ward off ant invasions).

  • Please pack two cloth napkins (one for use as a place mat).
  • We encourage the children to eat their protein source first and to re-wrap and bring unfinished foods home.
  • No juice or items with sugar or high fructose corn syrup as a major ingredient.
    A little “I love you” note or picture from mom or dad on occasion is a creative way to sweeten a healthy lunch.
  • Reusable containers encouraged to reduce waste
  • Include a water bottle (no ice please)
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