The Junior Kindergarten/Kindergarten class is a great transitional step between preschool and public or elementary schools. In this class children are tasked with a more academic approach than their previous years and cross the threshold of a home-focused curriculum to one that emphasizes cooperative socialization with their peers. As five year-olds, children experience a new sense of independence as they take on various academic projects including the fundamentals of reading. In addition, handwriting is strengthened with various exercises. Students will also use other curricula to build on math, history, and science knowledge in a similar style to elementary level classes but at an appropriate pace. In a fun and encouraging learning environment, children will be challenged with material and social interactions that will prep them for their transition to a new school.

Music & Story together!

We at Laurel Play Garden understand the importance of spending time with your child and what better way than doing music and stories. We bring you a unique program for all 2 to 4 year-olds and their caregiver.

This program is a free of charge event open to all. Just book a space and come and enjoy music, guided story time and the lovely ambience.

Every Friday (except holidays) 11 to 11:30 am

Book your space

Monday to Friday
08:00 AM - 06:00 PM


1050 Park Avenue,
San Jose, CA 95126.
Telephone: +1.408.645.5783

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