Our program is designed so that children between 2-6 year olds are allowed space to develop the necessary skills that will form the foundations for lifelong learning. An emphasis on domestic, artistic and craft activities and warm supportive encouragement from teachers.

Our Children love

  • Exploration

    Nature, observation, food preparation building with a variety of materials inside and outdoors, play and exploration with mud, sand and water.

  • Outdoor activities

    Gardening including growing and harvesting, weeding and digging; raking, building shelters; throwing and catching; climbing and balancing

  • Mathematics

    Counting rhymes, weighing and measuring, problem solving, matching and sorting, one to one correspondence, patterning

  • Story Time

    Storytelling, reading, plays, rhymes

  • Artistic activities

    Painting, drawing, clay modeling, crafts

  • Practical Life

    Peeling and chopping fruit and vegetables; baking; making juice; tidying; washing up; cleaning and sweeping

  • Creative play

    Free exploration and discovery; self initiated physical play inside and outside; imitative play

  • Activities

    Sewing, woodwork, paper crafts, seasonal decorations, recycling products constructions

  • Music

    Singing, dancing, rhythm sticks and simple musical instruments

  • Games

    Skipping, circle and finger games

Toddler Program(2 Years)

Toddler - Two’s

For our 2 year-olds, our aim is to build trust by providing safe and loving environment and create consistent schedules to support smooth milestone transitions. Our curriculum focuses on introducing and slowly building their cognitive & language skills with finger-plays, nursery rhymes, poetry and storytelling. Art curriculum for two years olds encourages imaginative expression and exploration of personal choice. Crafts utilizing pencils, crayons and scissors also help develop fine motor skills while outdoor play on bikes and the developmentally stimulating playground promote physical health.

Pre-Kindergarten Program(3-4 Years)

Preschool - Three’s & Four’s

As children enter their 3rd year, they display a heightened level of curiosity towards their environment due to cognitive and physical growth. Our curriculum focuses on building language skills with finger-plays, nursery rhymes, poetry, discussions and storytelling exercises that engage the student’s imagination.

The 4 year old academic year is critical in the preparation for kindergarten readiness. The goals for Preschool development address the whole child, physically, socially, emotionally, and cognitively. Children are becoming confident in their knowledge of various subjects including reading, writing, listening, and speaking.

Kindergarten Program(5-6 Years)

Kindergarten - 5-6 Years

For 5 & 6 year-olds, Kindergarten Program is a great transitional step between preschool and elementary schools. In this class, children are tasked with a more academic approach than their previous years and cross the threshold of a home-focused curriculum to one that emphasizes cooperative socialization with their peers. In a fun and encouraging learning environment, children will be challenged with material and social interactions that will prep them for their transition to a new school.

Healthy Food


We prepare school snacks and meals as natural as possible. We use organic whole grains, vegetables and fruits. Our meals are social events; we set the table with placemats and flowers, sing and eat together. Your child's teacher will provide a snack menu, and will be available to discuss alternatives due to allergies.


The children bring a lunch with them from home. We ask that they bring nutritious food in a lunch pack ; and that can fit into the refrigerator as needed to ward off ant invasions.

  • We encourage the children to eat their protein source first and to re-wrap and bring unfinished foods home.
  • No items with sugar or high fructose corn syrup as a major ingredient.
  • A little “I love you” note or picture from mom or dad on occasion is a creative way to sweeten a healthy lunch.
  • Reusable containers encouraged to reduce waste
  • Include a water bottle ; no ice please