Target Practice

You will need

  • Chalk
  • Cones
  • Cutters
  • Hoops
  • Balls
  • Buckets or containers of varying sizes


  • Set up targets for your child using cones, hoops, buckets or chalked shapes on the floor.
  • Ask your child to roll, throw, or kick the ball to the target
  • Move the target further away to make it harder, or move it closer to make it easier.
  • Make the target smaller to make it harder, or bigger to make it easier.
  • Ask your child if they notice how some objects are easier to throw and why they think that is. Can they throw with both hands together? Can they throw with their left and their right hands separately and at the same time?
  • This game encourages hand/eye coordination, gross and fine motor movements, and direction and precision throwing.


If you haven't got ant buckets, why not draw targets on a wall with chalk or on paper which is then stuck to the wall? These can be different shapes and sizes and placed at different heights to provide higher levels of challenge.


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