About The Best Play-Based Preschool in San Jose

Our Philosophy

We aspire to build a bridge between home and school by creating a safe, warm, loving environment. Laurel believes children are born eager and ready to learn! As educators, it is our responsibility to foster that learning by providing children with the opportunities that will allow them to create their meanings to the world around them. We understand that it is essential for children to develop the fundamental skills that will be the foundation for future learning, but they receive care from teachers who have a genuine love for children.

The curriculum framework follows a diverse approach to early learning, borrowing from the best model programs and using the most recent educational research. We strive “to lead a child into success,” even as we “follow the child’s interests” where they may lead us.

Our goal is to inspire and guide every child’s joyous explorations that form the foundations for lifelong learning!

Our Uniquely Integrated Teaching Methodology

At Laurel Play Gardens, we provide the best possible beginning for your child to grow to their full potential in a way that protects the wonder and delight of early childhood. Our curriculum framework is academic research-based pedagogy, embracing best educational practices from Reggio Emilia (play-based) and Waldorf (nature-based).

In our teaching approach, we:

Health & Safety

At Laurel, we make your child’s health and safety our top priority.