Preschool Programs in San Jose

Preschool goals: Equipping children with social skills and tools for lifelong learning.

Preschool program

To your preschooler, nothing is impossible! They are opening up their world and developing special friendships. Together, they are learning new words and forming new ideas every day.

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Individualized care

Three-year-old children are curious, and their confidence is growing daily. Because they are eager to learn, they need to develop in an environment based upon their unique development and learning styles. This type of learning is referred to as “Developmentally Appropriate Practices.”

Preschool program

As children enter their 3rd year, they display a heightened curiosity towards their environment due to cognitive and physical growth. Our curriculum focuses on building language skills with finger-plays, nursery rhymes, poetry, discussions, and storytelling exercises that engage students’ imagination.
The four-year-old academic year is critical in preparation for kindergarten readiness. The goals for Preschool development address the whole child, physically, socially, emotionally, and cognitively. Children are becoming confident in their knowledge of various subjects, including reading, writing, listening, and speaking.